CursedNetwork rules

1.1|   You may not use any sort of client modification that can give you an unfair advantage over other Players.

1.2|   Do not scam players for anything involving real-life money (Such as PayPal scams, etc).
Scamming for any in-game money/items is not allowed.

1.3|   Be respectful to all players and staff.

1.4|   Offensive skins or usernames are not tolerated.

1.5|   You may not abuse any bugs or glitches on the server. Instead, please report it to the Bug Reports Section on discord.

1.6|   Do not disrespect any staff members. If you feel like a staff member is abusing his powers, please report it to BladeVampire or Dark_ville.

1.7|   You may not play on any alternative accounts to bypass a punishment on your main account.
Do not advertise any other servers.

1.8|   You may only advertise videos/streams that are related to CursedNetwork.

1.9|   Do not advertise any other servers at all over public chat or private message.

1.10|   DDoSing, DoXing, and any sort of illegal activity is not allowed on the whole network.

1.11|    You may not post any malicious links in chat. All links posted in chat must be age-appropriate (No 18+ or NSFW content).

1.12|   You may not harass other players

General Skyblock Rules

2.1|   Do not grief other players' islands.

2.2|   Do not trap & kill players on your island.

2.3|   You may not create any malicious redstone devices with the intentions of: lagging the server, traveling to other players' Islands, as well as other harmful things (Use common sense for this one).

2.4|   Do not use /speed, or any other command that may give you an advantage in the warzone or at any PvP-enabled locations.

2.5|   You may not harass or grief other players. This includes, but is not limited to: stealing their items, destroying their island, or refusing to leave when the island leader requests for you to.

2.6|   You may not intentionally use alternate accounts in order to bypass limitations such as spawner progression, etc.

2.7|   Don't AFK mine, this gives an unfair advantage over other players